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The current season of Acoustic @ The Spa has finished, and there are no dates planned yet for 2013

Acoustic @ The Spa was live acoustic music at its best; great musicians, a beautiful candlelit room overlooking the sea, fabulous sound balance, and an appreciative audience. During 2010 and 2011, it hosted some wonderful acts, including Off the Grid, Harvey Andrews, Gary Burnett, Circus Envy, Leanne Burton, Harry and Me, Noel Horsaman, David John, Geni, Rowie Ford, MPG, Martin Peirson, Mark Roberts, Thomas and Eleanor, Blackheart, David Swann, Amaya and Alistair Huntly, Sea Fret, Nick Rooke Band, Anne & John Meek, Hissyfit, Gordon Giltrap and Boo Hewerdine.

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