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DJDavid John

I have lived in Yorkshire, and had an interest in music and recording, all my life, since my earliest memories of making comedy tapes on my fathers’ reel-to-reel deck.  For the largest period of my life I have been a graphic designer and musician. My first experience of singing publically was as a choir boy when I was about 8. By the age of 15 I had taught myself to play the guitar, and from there on I was singing in rock bands and acoustic duos.

Gigging mostly around the Yorkshire area, and occasionally as far as London. I gained experience of working with sound systems, mixers and effects units, as I seemed to have the most aptitude in the band for the technical side. I also handled the design of sleeve artwork and publicity for posters, t-shirts etc. Whilst at art college, I had the opportunity to learn about multi-track recording in the college radio station, and produced recordings for the soundtracks in my film course, and also for college theatre productions.

In the mid 80’s a self produced EP of my songs gained a lot of interest from one of the top producers of the time, John Porter (who produced Billy Bragg, Japan, Roxy Music and The Smiths). By then I had a regular steady job as a graphic designer and decided not to move to London to try to pursue a record deal. Since then I have concentrated on recording and producing other artists’ songs, building up my own modest multi-track set-up.

After moving to the East Riding, after a couple of years I got the bug to perform again, and organised, with my wife Jean, a regular monthly acoustic night, ‘The Burn’, also known as 'Kirkburn Acoustic'. Along with 'Kirkburn Acoustic', we ran 'Gallery Acoustic' too, a monthly open-night at The Wolds Village, Bainton. We moved to Bridlington recently, and the management of 'The Spa Bridlington' approached us to run a regular acoustic night at the theatre, and we had our first ‘Acoustic @ The Spa’ in April 2010.

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