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Photo of Jean by Simon Kench

“Most of my family are photographers, but I only took it up 10 years ago, when we moved to East Yorkshire, and I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the landscape, the light, and the big skies.

Whenever the light is right, I’m out with my camera, up to my knees in stinging nettles and mud, or the incoming tide, frequently re-photographing the same scene in different lights, different seasons, and different crops.

I’m inspired by the impact centuries of farming has had on the geometry of the landscape, the annual cycle of farming and rural life, and the resilience of ancient buildings.

I am particularly inspired by seascapes, especially Bridlington South Beach, where the light is amazing, and the beach goes on forever. I have been photographing the same stretch of beach every week for ten years, and every time it is different and inspiring"

"My photographs are dramatic and vibrant,
a record of a split-second of beauty and light,
which I’ve been lucky enough to capture,
and which I love to share with others.”
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