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south beach studiosLocated 100yds from Bridlington's beautiful South Beach, the Studio is ideal for solo singer/ songwriters, or duos. Although I can’t compete with larger ‘state-of-the-art’ studios, what I can offer is a cosier, more relaxed atmosphere, extremely competitive prices, and support and guidance if needed.

With many years experience as a musician and producer, I can achieve excellent quality results, whether you just want a simple demo, or something more polished. If wanted, I can play guitar or add harmonies, or bring in other musicians to help you achieve a stunning end result, showcasing your talent.

The multi - track equipment is also highly portable, so as long as you have somewhere relatively quiet to perform, it may be possible for me to come to you to record, and then the final mixing can be done back at the studio. I have produced live recordings of local choirs at their school or church, or bands at their rehearsal spacesouth beach studios mixing room. I specialise in recording live acoustic bands and I can also video live performances for uploading to YouTube / Myspace etc. - see Circus Envy's live video recording at 'Acoustic @ The Spa' on YouTube

Whether you want a one-off CD, or hundreds of copies, I can also design the CD sleeve and disc artwork, and arrange for, and oversee, duplication.

Please e-mail me (David John) to discuss your requirements.

Recently recordied at South Beach Studio: David Swann

David SwannDavid Swann and DJ









DS CD Cover

Simon Wood puts some bass on David Swann's CD

simon wood

Leanne Burton

Leanne Burton at The Spa












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